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Glacial Erratics

By , November 1, 2010 12:11 am

While looking through my work recently  I realized that photos of Glacial Erratics were scattered through my work just as they are scattered through out the landscape of Maine. And this year I had shot 2 of them!  First is the iconic “Balance Rock” symbol for the Bar Harbor Shore Path and the Balance Rock Inn.


Of course the most famous Rock is Bubble Rock which sits on top of South Bubble and looks poised to topple down the mountain at Any time.


And lastly, one of the big rocks on Cadillac Mountain,

Hodges-1008-0576-D2I don’t think this one has a name. If anyone knows that it does please let me know! Glacial erratics are boulders carried 20 miles or more by the glaciers and left in valleys and on mountain tops. To learn more about the geology of Acadia go to

It’s interesting to see these images together. After putting these images together it occurred to me that this month’s “Where in Maine” in  Downeast Magazine is also one of my rock photos. But it’s not in Acadia. Check it out. Do you know where it is and what is it’s name?

Maine’s prettiest harbors

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By , August 29, 2009 6:36 pm

September 2009 cover

Down East magazine ran a survey for readers to choose the prettiest harbors in Maine. Camden placed #1 but my image of Bar Harbor made the cover! (Bar Harbor placed # 2)

Two other harbors on Mount Desert Island also made the list and my images were used. In Northeast Harbor, my view is from the pier looking up into the harbor. In Southwest Harbor, my view is from the dock at the Claremont. It is very similar to the view you get from the Manset  shore area of Southwest Harbor too.

Southwest Harbor

Southwest Harbor

Northeast Harbor

Northeast Harbor

To see more images of these harbors go to

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