How to enjoy Acadia when the park is closed!

By , October 3, 2013 4:54 pm

Acadia was the first national park whose land was donated entirely by private citizens. I think they would be terribly disappointed that this week you could be considered trespassing if you walk the trails and carriage roads in the park. But Acadia is very interwoven with the villages and public roads and those same people who created the park, and others who followed, also set other lands aside. So do not worry, there is still plenty to see and you can still experience Acadia!

Sunrise is beautiful as seen from the Shore Path in Bar Harbor where you can watch the fishing boats start their day and view the Porcupine Islands.


Enjoy sitting on the rocks at Blagden Preserve on the  Indian Point Peninsula on the western side of Bar Harbor on Western Bay. It’s a bit of a walk from the parking lot but worth it!


Plenty of public roads have great views of Acadia. Below is the Bass Harbor Marsh as seen from  Rt. 102


And while you’re exploring don’t miss the quaint fishing villages on the quiet side of the island.


Back on the east side of the island the village of Northeast Harbor is rich with gardens and paths not inside the park but many made by or preserved by the same founding fathers of the park.

Elliot Mountain Trail is available from Thuya Gardens and other nearby trails.


Asticou Terraces and Gardens are beautiful in the fall



And while you’re in Northeast Harbor , see the harbor and visit the art galleries and shops in the village.


Nearby, in Seal Harbor, is Little Long Pond, this area is surrounded by carriage roads that are on private land but open to the public (no bicycles allowed)


And from there you can walk on the carriage roads  to Cobblestone Bridge which is right on the edge of this private land (not in the park) according to my maps. (and confirmed by Friends of Acadia)


Cobblestone Bridge is always a favorite for hikers on the trails and walkers on the Carriage Roads alike.

Below, Sargeant Drive along Somes Sound offers beautiful views of the Sound and Mountains


And of course Bar Harbor is still full of night time activity!Hodges-1209-9136-D2

For a map and more ideas check out this post by Friends of Acadia.

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