Garland Farm and The Cultural Landscape Foundation 2012 Landslides

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By , October 8, 2012 9:21 pm

This summer I spent time photographing an MDI garden that you may not know,  Garland Farm. Many garden lovers visit Asticou Azalea Garden, Thuya Garden and Lodge, and the Asticou Terraces and Landing, on Mount Desert Island. But few may realize that many of the plantings for these gardens came from Beatrix Farrand’s garden at Reef Point and that the plantings and other details at her last residence and garden at Garland Farm are in the process of being saved, restored, and are now open to the public. This summer I had the pleasure of learning more as I photographed the garden and house for The Cultural Landscape Foundation.


Last week The Cultural Landscape Foundation announced  the 2012 Landslide®Landscape and PatronageLandslide, is the annual thematic compendium of threatened and at-risk landscapes, which in 2012 focuses on visionary patrons and organizations and the sites they helped create. This year Garland Farm was part of that list. The goal is to celebrate the accomplishments and inspire new generations of patrons and philanthropists.


There are wonderful stories and histories to be discovered at Garland Farm. As the last home designed for an aging Beatrix Farrand, she designed the garden as a garden she could enjoy for the view from her room. In a day before assisted living was available, as she downsized,  she created a home for herself  surrounded by things she loved most, especially her garden.


You can learn more about The Cultural Landscape Foundation and the 2012 Landslide at


Learn more about Beatrix Farrand and Garland Farm at

I have many more images from both the house and gardens to be posted in the near future.

NESOP Faculty Exhibition

By , October 3, 2012 9:24 pm

The NESOP Faculty Exhibition is October 1-November 9

Opening Reception October 4 from 5-6:30

"Boatscape #1"

"Boatscape #1"

I am showing “Boatscape#1”, but I am most excited about getting to see the work of my fellow faculty members. I have had a sneak peak and the show is fabulous! And if you go make sure to take in the Stairway Gallery featuring Fran Osborn-Blaschke’s “brave paintings”, and “Ruby Hazzard Gets Mugged” , 10 NEW black and white photos by Ruby Hazzard.

For more info  about the faculty exhibit go to

My boatscape series is an on going series exploring light reflecting off of water and onto the sides of boats. The name of the series came from how I see them. From the moment I put my eye to the camera they  don’t look like boats anymore, I always see them as landscapes. I was a little afraid I would be the only one who saw them that way but it turns out others see it too. Here is one of my most recent ones. This one is not in the show but  is on my web site with more from the series you can see them at

"Boatscape #5"

"Boatscape #5"

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