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By , July 15, 2009 9:47 pm

Boatscape #2

Water has often been my subject, but recently my gaze shifted up a bit. In this new series the images are of the side of boats but I see them as landscapes and expect the viewer will make that connection. I think it is interesting that the light reflecting off of the water on to the boat gives the illusion of clouds. I am transported into these landscapes the minute I put the camera to my eye. A horizon appears, created by a stripe on the hull or perhaps by the water’s edge. It is actually quite disorienting to know I am standing very close to the edge of the dock looking at something very close yet what I am seeing in my camera is a vast, distant horizon. It’s a very odd feeling. I like the ambiguity between what the image represents and what it implies.

The work will be on display at Redfield Artisans Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine. Or see more at

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