What makes this sunrise so special ?

By , May 14, 2014 9:54 pm


If you google “Cadillac Mountain sunrise” you will see hundreds of images. But there is something different about this one. Compare and you will notice not many of the images have the Porcupine Islands in the foreground. Why? Well because that can only be photographed for a short period of time each year. Most of the year the sun rises closer to the Schoodic Penninsula and that is what you see in the foreground. But on the first day of summer (and a few more days before and after), the sun rises in it’s northern most position which puts it further to the left and closer to the islands. This allowed me to get a tightly framed image of the islands that also included the sunrise.

A few years ago I set myself a goal to get this picture. I dedicated a week to getting up there every morning until I got the shot, Sunrise on the first day of summer is the earliest sunrise in the year. It’s around 4:45 am. And you want to be on top of the mountain by at least 4:30 .  By the end of the first week…no luck. Fog, clouds, rain, you name it…no great sunrise. One year later I tried again. I was up there every morning for another week, same results, They say third time is the charm, and it was. My third year started off much the same but then one morning the skies cleared! About 20 other people were there that morning but no one was more thankful than I was for that glorious sunrise! Who would have thought it would take 3 years to get the shot! But if you’re serious, sometimes that’s what it takes.

One Response to “What makes this sunrise so special ?”

  1. Pat Coakley says:

    This was worth all the early wake-ups! Stunning moments sometimes take a great deal of work.

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